Quality and design. An all-Italian story.


Quality and design. An all-Italian story

BIMAR is a long-established Italian firm based at Sirmione (Brescia), specialising in the production and distribution of small household appliances and electronic heating and ventilation devices, strongly future-oriented with a focus on home automation and smart products. 

Ever since its foundation in 1974, its dedication and hard work to expand production capacity, the experience gained, and constant technological modernisation, combined with the respect and trust earned with a constantly growing customer base, have won BIMAR a leading position on the domestic and international market.

Always in search of new, high-tech solutions, BIMAR analyses, interprets and satisfies the demands of a continually evolving market.


Design and Technology.

Innovation at the service of wellbeing

Always sensitive to technological innovation and prioritising its products' looks and functions, BIMAR offers an array of totally smart, up-to-date solutions conceived to respond to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle and guarantee the utmost comfort, inside and outside the home.

The brandThe brand

A vocation for outdoor living

The historic BIMAR® brand was born in 1974, and features the outline of a butterfly with its wings unfurled. A very significant choice, intended to communicate the vocation for outdoor living of the products offered by this Brescia-based firm, now combined with a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Over forty years of technology and quality



  • 1930 – In Turin, Manfredo Bigliani, maternal grandfather of current CEO Edoardo Brianzi, founds WAMP and starts manufacturing gas hobs and cookers.
  • 1974  – In Desenzano, Luciana Bigliani, Manfredo's daughter, and Alfredo Brianzi start to distribute Italian household appliances under the BIMAR brand. The logo chosen is a butterfly, symbolising a vocation for designing and selling products for outdoor living.
  • 1978  – The first BIMAR production plant is opened at Bedizzole, near Brescia, to manufacture the gas stove with K27 catalytic panel, which goes on sale throughout Italy and proves particularly popular in the South of the country. In the same year, Alfredo Brianzi is one of the first Italian entrepreneurs to take a business trip to China, which was then just starting to open up to the rest of the world and the markets. Here BIMAR signs trading agreements with suppliers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and starts production of fans and camping stoves.
  • 1985  – The BIMAR brand comes to Turkey, where production of gas stoves is transferred, while new production lines, including those for electric grills and ovens, go into operation at Sirmione, near Brescia. In these years, the company shifts its attention increasingly from production to design, and begins to work with famous Italian designers including Pino Spagnolo and Pietro Geranzani. 
  • 1987  – The quality of the BIMAR production line – from assembly to finished product – is guaranteed by the Italian Quality Mark (IMQ) Institute, a leading, internationally recognised certification body..
  • 1989  – BIMAR starts to market its products abroad, exhibiting at the international shows in Cologne and Paris.
  • 1991  – Edoardo Brianzi, Alfredo's son, joins the company as sales manager.
  • 1992  – BIMAR becomes part of the European Kalorik Team group, giving access to retail chains across the continent.
  • 2011  – Birth of BDESIGN, the division specialising in the development and design of domestic electronic devices.
  •  2014 – BIMAR obtains ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the high quality of the company processes and product lines, and the Legality Rating with the maximum level of three stars, confirming regulatory compliance. In the same year, the company opens out to new sectors such as home appliances for pets, with the Hi-Pt line.
  • 2015  – BIMAR obtains the "Bollino Etico Sociale", the ethical and social mark for its corporate social responsibility.
  • 2017  – The launch of cooperation with technological partner Tuya for the development of Apps and related products.