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The Italian Consumer Code (article 128 and following articles) requires the vendor to supply the consumer with "goods which conform to the sales contract". Moreover, the vendor is held responsible for any conformity defect occurring within two years from delivery of the goods, and which is reported to it by the consumer within two months after delivery.

In addition, art. 130 of the Consumer Code envisages two types of remedies: first and foremost, repair or replacement to restore conformity; or secondly, a reduction in the price and termination of the contract, only to be implemented if the first two options are impossible or disproportionately expensive.

To respond more closely to its customers' needs, Bimar has decided to manage requests for the return/replacment of its products directly, through its own points of sale, via the following procedure:

PRODUCTS UNDER WARRANTY: if the product delivered has a nonconformity or an operating defect, the consumer must take the faulty/defective product, complete with proof of purchase, to the point of sale where it was bought. This procedure also applies to online purchases. After cross-checking the fault and deciding that this course of action is appropriate, the retailer will be obliged to replace the faulty product. If the product is no longer available, he will refund the purchase price.It should be noted that all parts subject to normal wear and tear, and all removable parts, light bulbs, glass parts, external pipes, batteries and single-use accessories will not be replaced or repaired under warranty.

PRODUCTS NOT UNDER WARRANTY: The consumer must sent a request directly to Bimar Srl at: If the product is repairable, he will be asked to send it, at his own expense, to BIMAR SRL VIA G. AMENDOLA 16/18 – 25010 COLOMBARE DI SIRMIONE (BRESCIA - ITALY). Bimar Srl will repair the product and return it by courier, requesting payment of the labour and carriage costs cash on delivery.

DIRECT CONTACT: any customer wishing to contact the company for assistance, information, etc. for any reason can compile the ASSISTANCE REQUEST form and send it by email to

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