Esclusivo: un prodotto Smart utilizzabile tramite APP (Wi-Fi)!

L'unico Termoventilatore ceramico con APP (compatibile iOS e Android) per il controllo in remoto. Potrai gestire l'apparecchio comodamente dal tuo telefono cellulare, grazie alla comoda ed innovativa App "Bimar live smart", facilmente scaricabile da internet. Tramite smartphone potrete quindi attivare e comandare il prodotto a distanza, scegliere i giorni di accensione e spegnimento, le funzioni e le temperature, rendendo comoda ed agevole ogni vostra esigenza di piccolo riscaldamento domestico.

Bimar HP120 è inoltre compatibile con gli assistenti Amazon Alexa e Google Assistant. 

Code HP120

EAN Code 8016117020437


Technical specifications
  • Product dimensions in (mm):191x570x191
  • Weight in grams:2500
Logistics data
  • Single package size (mm):225x620x225
  • Master packaging dimensions (mm):470x630x250
  • Number of pieces per layer:14
  • Number of pieces per pallet:42
  • Number of pieces for master packaging:2
  • Gross weight packing collection Kg:5,7
  • PTC fan heater with APP
  • The ceramic resistance supplies power based on room temperature: low temperature = max power, and vice versa
  • Adjustable selections through APP and control panel of the pre-set functions:
  • o 1200W / 2000W power selections: the ECO function selects the convenient one, optimizing energy consumption and guaranteeing the correct level of comfort
  • o Temperature adjustment 15 ° C-35 ° C
  • o Timer 12h
  • o 24h Programmer
  • o Right / Left Oscillation
  • o LED display shows each function in use
  • It is possible to share devices with multiple people at the same time
  • Compatible iOS and Android; works with Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz home networks
  • Voice control, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, supports IFTTT
  • This product is only suitable for environments that are properly insulated or occasional


In this section you can download the manuals or materials needed.

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